16 Pictures Proving That Celebrities Are Just Like Us

It seems that celebrities can afford whatever they want. In fact, many of them tend to lead an ordinary life: gardening on the weekends, baking pies, and giving their children haircuts with ordinary hair clippers.

Iron Arnie giving his son a haircut


It seems that Arnold Schwarzenegger likes being a hairdresser for his son Patrick. Together with his sons, Arnold rides bicycles around the world and enjoys his beer at Oktoberfest while wearing a national costume.

Shakira painting her nails during a break

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Studio pedicure. Shak

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There is a box with a whole collection of nail polishes on the table. Shakira is famous for her workaholism. When she records her songs she literally lives at work. During her breaks, she dances hip-hop while waiting in the shopping line.

Lady Gaga’s dog sleeping in inappropriate places


Koji is one of Lady Gaga’s 3 French bulldogs. One of them even has her own Instagram blog. The singer likes to spoil her pets. They don’t need all those gifts as long as they can sleep on their owner’s bed surrounded by comfy cushions.

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